The Lost Love Stories by L.S.D. consist of two dark fairy tales for adults.

The first story takes place in a farm where we observe the inglorious love between a pig and a tarantula, while the second story shows us the tragic romance between a sycamore and a mirror.


In this issue I edited the illustration, the layout design as well as the pagination of the book and the design for the cd, including the music from fairy tales.


I attributed the surreal atmosphere of the stories through images I have created by using mixed media such as painting, drawing, collage and textures from well known paintings. The book emblem is constituted of a heart/skull. The book heroes afterwards became masks and stand for the theatrical adaptation of the stories.

Lost Love Stories

Dimensions: 20x20 cm / 6x6 inches

Pages: 64


Allou Fun Dark

Dimensions: 11.5x21 cm / 4.33x8.27 inches

Cards: 15


A prostitute recounts three different stories to three of her clients. A medieval tale of temptation, a tale of revenge that takes place in ancient Japan  and a tale about an epidemic in New Orleans.  Three different stories full of horror and terror.


The intensely mystical atmosphere of the stories led me to the decision that the edition will resembles tarot cards. The front sides are fully illustrated and on the backsides are placed the texts. Each of the illustrated cards can be perceived individually or as a continuing storyline

by placing them in order one next to each other.


The tarot cards as well as the cd, including the songs, are contained in a printed envelope.


Dimensions: various

Pages: various


Book covers for various publication houses.


Most of them are horror fiction and metaphysical thrillers, except “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” which is a book for teenagers published before Disney made the film adaptation.

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