Dog petfood

Dimensions (Illustrations): 35x50 cm / 13.78x19.68 inches

Dimensions (Packaging): various


Series of illustrations, logo and product designing for a dog food brand.


I tried to give in all of the illustrations a humoristic tone along with anthropomorphic attributes to the dogs. Each depiction was inspired by the specific characteristics and the history of each dog breed. Pointers for example, renowned for their acute sense of smell are presented as detectives, while in spaniels the illustration stresses their Spanish origin.


The protagonists are displayed painted, while the rest of the elements appear in the form of black and white collage.

Series of illustrations, for the decoration of themed café-bar "Heroes".


World class superheroes featured wallpapers, tables and paintings for the needs

of the space. The characters were approached with a more painterly disposition, mostly reminding visuals arts and aquarelle sketches.


The stylized forms we usually encounter in superhero comics were kept only

as directions in café-bar’s menu, in order for them to function as demarcations

and less as illustrations.


Heroes Bar

Dimensions: various



Flyers, triptych, printed material and advertisements for a seminar organization space. The printed material below was created for the purposes of promoting and organizing a cultural festival combined with summer vacation, featuring art happenings from the particular space.

Pocket University

Dimensions: various


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